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Domestic violence is always with us.  It has been with us since time immemorial - what has changed in the recent past is that we are talking about it and doing something about it.  It is no longer part of normal sociaety that we are allowed to harm those who we are biologically designed to protect.
DV is closely related to alcohol, one of the drugs that notoriously inhibits frontal lobe behaviour.  The frontal lobes allow us to predict the outcome of our actions, and other parts of the brain then stop us from doing acts that we know will lead to an outcome that we do not want.  Illicit drugs, especially Methamphetamines (ice and speed) also affect the frontal lobe functions.
All doctors must be alert to the signs of DV.  It is not only a general practitioner problem; all specialists are able to see the signs that should lead to a question about the risks of domestic violence in the patient's home.  But we do not know that there is a DV problem unless the patient tells us.