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SICKNESS AND INJURIES DONT MAKE APPOINTMENTS.  Emergencies are not always life-threatening, but sometimes you just need a problem fixed straight away and you dont know where to find a doctor.

Who can you call?

First off, you should always try your regular doctor - your usual treating doctor is the person who knows you best, and that practice is the place where every doctor in the practice has access to your most recent and most accurate medical history.  Most doctors will have a recorded message on their phone when they are closed.

If they are closed, or booked out, the next best option is to find another general practice able to fit you in.  That is where Maud Street Medical Centre is best able to help you.  We accept patients without appointments (as long as you are prepared to wait until we have seen the patients who do have appointments), and we are open late into the evenings, open all weekends and most public holidays (not Christmas Day, Boxing Day, or New Year's Day).  If you know that you are going to need us during the after-hours period, it is ideal to arrange for a medical summary to be sent to us ahead of time.  Whenever we see another doctor's patient, we usually remember to arrange for copies of our own consulttion notes, and copies of any blood tests or X-rays, to be sent back to your own doctor.

We are not open all the time.  When we are closed, your own doctor usually has a phone number for an after-hours deputizing service, and we usually use the same service.  Listen for the number on the recorded message.

The 1300HEALTH hotline can give limited telephone advice.. But our experience is that they mostly end up telling you to go to the hospital, or back to your own GP in the morning.  Telephone consultations are no substitute for a face-to-face contact with a trained health professional.

Low on the list of options for medical conditions that are not life-threatening is the Emergency Department at your nearest public hospital (private hospitals do not have emergency departments, although Noosa Hospital has an after-hours arrangement).  The Emergency Department is really for major emergencies and they are not equipped for GP-type medical conditions.  At least they can triage your symptoms and advise you just how urgent your problem appears to be.  But be prepared for a long wait.

Hoise Call Doctor is a deputising service that operates when we are closed.
Operating hours are Monday to Friday 6pm - 8am (following morning)
                                 Saturday 1pm - 8am (following morning)
                                 Sunday and public holidays 24hrs
Please contact them on 13 55 66 and advise them of your GP this ensures that we will get a report and be able to follow up your health care needs.

LAST resort might be to call an ambulance.  They should be the FIRST call you make if there is a life-threatening emergency, but they are a scarce resource and should not be called for routine or minor medical conditions.  The patient's problem here is that they do not always know whether their problem is a "minor" medical conditon.



Domestic violence is always with us.  It has been with us since time immemorial - what has changed in the recent past is that we are talking about it and doing something about it.  It is no longer part of normal sociaety that we are allowed to harm those who we are biologically designed to protect.
DV is closely related to alcohol, one of the drugs that notoriously inhibits frontal lobe behaviour.  The frontal lobes allow us to predict the outcome of our actions, and other parts of the brain then stop us from doing acts that we know will lead to an outcome that we do not want.  Illicit drugs, especially Methamphetamines (ice and speed) also affect the frontal lobe functions.
All doctors must be alert to the signs of DV.  It is not only a general practitioner problem; all specialists are able to see the signs that should lead to a question about the risks of domestic violence in the patient's home.  But we do not know that there is a DV problem unless the patient tells us.

Dr Herdy Annual Leave

Dr Herdy will be away from Tuesday the 17/03/20 to the Thursday 26/03/20 will start again on the 27/02/20


"If you have cold and flu symptoms and have recently travelled overseas or beleive you may be at risk of coronavirus. DO NOT come into the practice. Please call us instead on 07 54915 666."