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Maud Street Medical Centre is a conventional family-based general practice.

Like every other general practice, we offer:
acute illness care
chronic disease management
childhood and other vaccinations
skin checks and excisions of skin lesions
shared care of obstetric cases

Like every other accredited practice, we have a well-managed Treatment Room, with ECG and spirometer, computerized vaccine refrigerator and sterilizer, and we are fully computerized with up-to-date recall systems.

We are open at unconventional extended hours:
to at least 6pm (usually 7pm) most evenings
weekends and most public holidays.

Unlike some other primary care clinics, we have a liberal appointment system:
we have one appointment every hour quarantined, reserved for same-day callers
we have a policy of not turning away any patient who presents without an appointment
BUT patients with appointments will take priority,
so patients without appointments might be waiting a while.

And we try really hard to make everyone feel welcome, offering a cup of tea if there is a long wait, a special play area for the younger patients.