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Dr. Wayne Herdy

Dr Wayne Herdy graduated from the University of Queensland in 1973 (now you can work out how old he is).
He also has an Arts degree (Master of Arts, majoring in Classics and Ancient History) and a Law degree (Master of Laws, qualified as a barrister).
He has worked in about ten countries (but mostly in Australia), and mostly in primary care.
He came to the Sunshine Coast 23 years ago and worked in another Nambour clinic all that time.
He has deployed to remote (and we mean REALLY remote) aboriginal settlements in Central Australia and ther Northern Territory, about 6 times a year for the past 5 years.  He wont be able to do this again until there are enough doctors at Maud Street to give him the time away.  He has an understanding of the aboriginal cultures and encourages indigenous patients to attend Maud Street.  The waiting room features a number of items of aboriginal art, most of which he has brought back from trips to remote communities.
He served 30 years in the Army Reserve, which gave him the opportunity to lend a helping hand in Band Aceh after the tsunami.  "The most worthwhile thing I have ever done."
Dr Herdy has a particular soft spot for the truly disadvantaged, the homeless, the mentally ill, and drug addicts.  His practice has included a methadone programme for nearly 20 years.  He also has a strong emphasis on aged care, nearly a third of his practice being conducted in nursing homes.
Dr Herdy has had a very high profile on the Sunshine Coast, and frequently features in the local news media.  He was an AMA Federal Councillor for six years, an AMAQ Branch Councillor for ten years, and President of the Sunshine Coast Local Medical Association for four years.
In his spare time, Dr Herdy enjoys trekking, long distance walks in remote places.  He has walked part of the Lararpinta Trail (212 km in Central Australia), the Kokoda Track, and most of the top ten wilderness walks in the world.  Most recently he walked the Thorsborne Track on Hinchinbroook Island.

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Dr Alex Mazarakis

Dr Mazarakis graduated in 1983 from the Pretoria University S.A. Dr Alex’s medical history includes Paediatrics, General Surgery and Orthopaedics. He operated his own solo Medical Practice in Pretoria for 3 years and jointly at the Broadway Health Centre for 10 years and a further 3 years in Wellington. His special interest is Paediatrics with further interest in family General Practice and counselling. He is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.